"I have been a customer here for several years. I have always been pleased with the way that my clothes come out and the special care that the owners (who are always there) take to make sure they get the stains out of my clothes. A year ago, my job situation changed, and it became less convenient to bring my clothes here, so I took my clothes to a couple of different places that were more convenient. Well, after having one place shrink two of my dresses and another place lose half of my clothes (temporarily, thank goodness), I decided to drive the extra few miles just so that I can be sure my clothes are well taken care of." - Rachel L. 10/9/15 (Yelp)

"As a male, I can only speak for men's clothing, but from my experiences this is hands down the best dry cleaner in Durham. I've tried a few, namely the ones on 9th street and have been disappointed. Don't waste your time anywhere else, go here! Listening to Supti (the owner) explain to me why I needed certain shirts pressed one way, and my suit dry cleaned as well as pressed truly demonstrated her desire to serve the customer the right way. She is truly invested in her business and the fact that its organic is fantastic. I ended up needing to pick up my clothes two days early, and they were ready! Take your clothes here, and experience the difference pride makes." - Colin D. 8/25/2015 (Yelp)

"Always have good experiences from this place, and my clothes are always perfect / on time!" - Scott R. 8/23/2015 (Yelp)

"They did a wonderful job on my wedding dress! I had an outdoor wedding, so the train was covered in grass stains and dirt, and a not insignificant amount of beer had been spilled on it as well. After they had cleaned it, my dress looked brand new again. They have also done a great job on several suits for my husband and a cream colored wool sweater that had a wine spill." - Carling U. 9/11/2014 (Yelp)

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